Monday, November 27, 2006


I am officially 32 today and starting to get closser to the fact that in not so many years I'll be hitting the big 40.

Have recieved some early birthday greetings, which has been very touching and also recieved greetings from my sister via sms from Poland and one from Jocelyn, a lovely young lady who is in the running to be one of my favourite PR consultants, even if she's never gotten round to pitching me a story. Goes to show personality can get you everywhere.

How does it feel like to be 32? I'm trying not to answer the question and am treating the day as if it were any normal working day. Have to collect my cheque from Polaris, write more articles, interview people and fix a date to go and meet with Aramco and hopefully collect a cheque from them too. Later today, I'll be spending a bit of time with the pinchy half - Han Li has gone on an over drive to make sure my right hand is marked by her teeth and nails - welcome to the world of domestic love! - Some people have remarked that she enjoys inflcting pain while I enjoy having it inflicted. Another group think that this is a sign that she loves me in a very obsessive way. I sometimes think the answer is less complicated - I'm simply getting tubby in my old age and taste like suckling pig or considering my lack of follicles - Monkey Brains - a good old fashioned Chinese dish!

I am of course greatful that even though I've reached the grand age of 32, my parents have not bugged me to settle down - hint, hint - all my friends are Grandparents etc etc. It's a blessing. Dad's version of events is that I'm not allowed to give him grandchildren in his lifetime - though someone did remark that after he faints when a little tyke calls him Yeh Yeh (Cantonese for Father's Father) he'll get up and hug it. Mum has decided that the economics of bringing in children into this world is not worth the effort.  (I've avoided revealing to them that Thui sometimes called me Papa - though she stuck with Susu most of the time)

In terms of my career, I remain as established as the feathers of Paris Hilton's pom poms. Not crying over it but managing to get on with life. Perhaps I should have cried myself to sleep about my inability to get something decent moving but then as PN used to say - "Remain an income man, you'll never be able to explain why you haven't had a full time job." Anyway, I've been pretty lousy in the crying department - which probaly explains why I don't do much sleeping.

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