Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finally Funny

Well, I've discovered I've become a little bit more popular thanks to my latest comment piece in Arab News. Now, I've had an Israeli telling me that I am anti-semitic because I lied about the war in Lebaon (I merely told it as I saw it) and I have Americans of all sorts of persuasions telling me that not all Americans are with the "Zionist" conspiracy to control America and by that extension the world. I've even had a personal invitation to join a Yahoo Group designed for Shia Muslims in some remote part of Nigeria.

Not sure if I should laugh or if I should cringe. I think I'll just enjoy the moment in the spot light. At least I am read and my name is being posted on the internet for better or for worse. Brand recognition at this stage is the name of the game and when strange people ask me to call them when I come to India, who is to say I may not get offers for greater work etc etc. For those of you who worry about my sanity, fear not, I have yet to join either - The Likud, Hezbollah, Hamas or my ex-wife's church group.

Caught up with Max, Dad's son by his second marriage. It was really good to see him, he's grown into quite a big boy. He'll be heading off to college soon, going to be studying music. I can see my Dad cringing - non of his progeny ever did anything vaguely sensible like study law, medicine or anything else that would ensure them a steady stream of cheques. Old man admited in a moment of weakness that he would have wanted a daughter but was resigned to his fate to have sons. Well, little girls are great.

Arup Gupta, President and COO of Polaris came and went. Looks like he was quite happy with the string of interviews that we linned up for him.  So looks like I shall keep them on my client rosta for a little while longer and more importantly looks like I'll be able to send in a bill soon, which is important cause I'm starting to feel skint

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