Friday, November 24, 2006

Managing Nothing

It's a cheerfully rainy day and I'm here, bashing away at the internet cafe. Managed to get one press release out and will hopefully be able to get a few other things done. I don't know what it is but old age compels me to try and pack a few things into the day because if I don't, I can actually feel the brain start to rot. I get worried and depressed that money is not flowing in and instead of acting and doing the work, I get depressed and do - utterly nothing to improve the situation.

So having gone through the stage of having no mood to do bugger all even when I should have been working like a busy bee, I make it a point of avoiding or rather dennying myself the chance to let the brain rot and becomming depressed. Depression, as they say is a luxury that only the very poor in life can afford.

Anyway, birthday weekend is comming up soon. Going to be old but not so old where I can collect my pension, not that I have much of a pension to begin with. Old age, is a sad thing, which is why the young have it. Here we are as the young chitters of the world worrying about how we're going to make ends meet while the old have become what PN Balji calls, "One of the 3 G's" and are happy living the life they thought they should have led. PN would always volunteer to provide me with strategic support on the projects he was not involved in for his own - "Mental Stimulation," which is I suppose the main thing to go for when you are not terribly in need of money.

Went to AdAsia's last Pub Nite. Had a bit of wine, finger food was surprisingly good and there were quite a few delectable young ladies there - though I must admit, the night sky and drink could have helped improve the last point.

Ran into Angela last night. Didn't talk about Christianity or God's instructions to have nothing to do with me. But we were friendly and even in her attempts to look frumpy she still looks miles better than the rest of the office who was trying to tart-up. Ah well, that was a girl who was so perfect that it was not possible it would ever work and so, here I am with Han Li, a girl who is so wrong, that something good might actually come from it. - Fate has a funny way of making things happen.

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