Thursday, November 23, 2006

Series of Letters

The series of letters regarding my article in Arab News about Israeli foreign policy has died down. At first it was initially fun to recieve fan mail but after a while it becomes a little scary when the conspiracy theorist come out of the woodwork. Apparently I'm now going to be bugged by the NSA and everything I say will be used against me to tag me as a dangerous enemy of the NeoCons - which would be ironic on the count of

  • My Stepfather, Lee served his national service with NSA
  • According to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, those who are critical of the "Jewish Cause" are actually Jewish Agent - so by that theory I may be working for the Mossad
  • One of the first people to give me any extra bit of publicity beyond the people I worked for is Benador Associates, a one woman PR firm in the States that advises the NeoCons.
So there you have it. You are now reading the post of someone who is about to be declared an enemy of the state of a friend of the state. Since I may be monitored by some higher power, I might as well continue doing more of the same. If I am to be arrested or shot for what saying something, I might as well do it and get my point out in the open anyway.

Anyway, its been quite a busy few moments. Interviewing people and pitching stories like mad. Am behind schedule on a few things and need to get things done cause - hey what else is there for me to do other than die and go broke-not necessarily in that order.

Birthday will be coming up soon. Will probably be working throughout. But the good news is, I'll be collecting money during that week, both from Polaris and Aramco and be on the way to paying down bills and making that cash reserve target that I had set for myself. Cash, as they say is KING and having a bit more KING on myside is always useful.

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