Thursday, December 14, 2006

The 200th Blog Entry

Its another dozy morning after yet another late night. Aunt made a comment about how I'm starting to become more like my father and grandfather before him, dependent on very little sleep. Not quite true, I do love my beauty sleep, I just tend to sleep less on weekdays when there's lots to do and catch up on my sleep at weekends. Anyway, the cause of this recent bout of a late night is a young lady I met in a pub that I had not intended to go to. Somehow she was into palm reading and I ended up letting her read my palm and we somehow, at the risk of sounding like an ex-colleague of mine, talking and talking into the wee hours of the day.

Anyway, there's no happy, steamy ending to that story and so I thought I would drop another entry into this blog with the attempt to write and show that my life is made up of more than a few moments of great what could have been moments with everything that walks in a skirt (and before the snide remarks come out.....not everything in a skirt is to my taste, I used to live in Soho and know the suprises that things in skirts can produce.)

This is the 200th entry into my blog on multiply. So I suppose there should be some sort of celebration and a few wise words from me about having made this many blog entries. Unfortunately I'm rather short on wise words other than to say thank you to all of you who have read the entries and commented on some of my entries. Its still a long way before I turn my life story into a soap opera worthy of bubbles the soap bubble but I believe that I shall, God Willing persevere.

Not much grand news to add to this. I suppose no news is good news to anyone in the business of manufacturing the stuff. Finally got Clement the interview with Dr Kurdi. The interview took a slightly more political tone than I had expected and he's bashed out a story. Hope HE Kurdi will find the story fair and I'll keep my relationship with the man. But then again I guess I have to be prepared for everything and live with the way news is prepared.

Have been ridiculously busy trying to prepare for an event on Sunday and preparing for a few proposals for next year. Somehow have to keep the cash flowing and the bills at bay. I suppose the realisation for this is a sign that I've grown-up a little

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