Friday, December 15, 2006

Almost Suicidal

Clement's interview with HE Kurdi was published in Today. There were parts of it that were a little on the dicey side but I think HE comming out looking quite well given in the circumstances. He had managed to come out and state that Saudi was into maintaining peace in Iraq after the New York Times came out with a long article about how HRH Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque, King Abdullah had told Dick Chenney that Saudi would support Iraq's Sunnie's in event of a US pull out. Anyway, at least Today did a bit more work than Straits Times who took the NYT's report verbatium. I guess this is a case of how number 2 works harder to get a story.

Anyway, the Saudi Government has made an official statement inline with what Dr Kurdi has said. Today have come out looking like they got the advance story, Dr Kurdi looks like he's engaged the press on a crucial issue in the battle for public opinion and I have hopefully secured the relationship with both parties. However, Dr Kurdi has not responded and various factors could be at play and I hope he's feeling ok with how things are turning out. Have sent him some emails on the subject.

Political press relationship management can be tense especially when you're in the managing relationship business. The Saudi's have been good to me and Today is the place where I started doing resonably good things and so I'd like to help these parties build a better future for themselves.

Met with Richa the assistant marketing manager and general dog's body at Polaris. Have managed to pass two event managers to her to help her organise her D&D. She's also looking for a coffee maschine, stationary supplier and so on. Have already started on getting them an eye-doctor too. I love this dealing business but I need to learn to be sharp about getting paid. I think I can do alot of good things with and for Polaris but I need to learn how to take care of myself as well as making other people richer.

I find it quite funny that my life is preoccupied with Arabs and Indians, Vietnamese, Nepaleese, Mainland Chinese, Faggots and Fatty Tummy Bums from I don't know where. I  think I'm at that stage in life where I seem to attract the wierd and wonderful people who make life that much more interesting. I think the only people I don't seem to have anything in common with are normal Middle Class Graduate Singaporeans - with the exception of good army mates. Perhaps its just time to be true to myself.

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