Saturday, December 09, 2006

Booze Parties and signs of Age

I'm here at home on a plesantly cloudy Saturday watching a Bolywood Movie on TV. India, thanks to the IT Boys been transformed into a 'hot' investment destination but for me, I see India, when I'm feeling charitable,as a place of sleek and slender young women that you see on Bolywood movies. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the first woman I considered myself in love with was a Punjabi, Chinese mix but I've always found myself being drawn to Indian women long before I discovered the delights of the physical beauty of Chinese girls. - Never had the joy of going to bed with an Indian girl but I've always found them attractive.

Anyway, that could be me talking after the results of attending the Hennesey Party last night. Party was a blast. Free Flow of conagc cocktails and some hot looking chicks. Found the one from Paris very attractive - you know the saying of "Gentlemen prefer Blondes" somehow seemed quite true when she popped her pretty head round the table. Had very little to do with the fact that I had quite a bit to drink that evening.

But my booze content seems to be comming down. I think its a sign of age, whenthe body no longer seems so willing to tollerate the copious ammounts of alcohol that it once used to. Or could it be the sign that I'm picking up my own bills now and you tend to be more cautious about the cost of an evening out with the lads when it's at your own expense. Anyway, my drinking sessions have been cut down, my body feels the better for it and the poor little body and the pocket book.


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