Saturday, December 16, 2006

Closer to what?

Here we are on a happy Saturday yet again. December, it seems was a good month for me to collect a bit of cash, have been collecting cash over the last two weeks, which is good and have been slowly but surely paying myself back for the times I needed to draw from savings just to make ends meet. Anyway, I'm regretfully going to fail to reach my year-end savings target but I will at the same time be delighted to finish the year with cash in the bank. Managed to save some extra with some USD200 from Arab News and should expect another USD200 from them next month. Looks like Arab News may be able to help me save a bit more.

Anyway, what's there to tell you, other than the fact that restlessness has prevailed in the land of the Dozy Lemon. Last night I went to a friend's "Glam" or more approriately "Glitz" event. Lady who invited me looked very hot - Australian Blondes have a wonderful purpose in life of being that. Also managed to catch up with an army friend, who also knew the lady in question. This was well and truely a fancy event with ladies looking exceedingly "nice" in long flowing gowns - however, I hate to say this, our Singapore girls still don't quite make the cut when they go up against the chicks from the Mainland. It's amazing how the Chinese have become so stylish and well kept in spite of growing up in a poor and communist environment.

I noticed this when I was working with the TNBT group. Angela, who is from China deliberately dressed down and dowdy to take away attention from herself. And in spite of everything she was head and shoulders above the rest in the looks and brains department - and that's when the rest of the girls were obviously wearing their "Look to Kill" outfits. Singapore may be a global city on many fronts but when it comes to style and presentation, our ladies lose out to those from China and India.

However, I shouldn't complain. I'm a guy and so most girls look good to me. As a Singaporean I'm not afraid of rising China and India. It's a reality and we have to just stay smarter than them - which will be tough because they have the same hunger that we had in the early 80s. How do you keep hungry people at bay. Malay friend of mine points to the fact that we (as in the national we) used to laugh at Indians for being "Smelly" but now we want to "Smell their Money." Indian IT companies and Indian IT executives are rolling in it and boy do we want them as customers these  days.

Tomorrow, I'll be helping the migrant population of Singapore celebrate International Day of the Migrant (IMD). Our client, Telcom 1515 will be sponsoring a helpline for the migrants. Will be the first big show of support for our migrant community and it's high time that we did it cause they do, do all our dirty work but keep the economy functioning. The client in particular makes good money by providing them with cheap phone calls. Amazing what technology can go for you these days, you can find a market out of market that nobody else would want to touch. It's actually a good sign that this is happening. Creates more entreprenuers and mroe business for everyone all round. The world needs to be well fed.

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