Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dad and King's birthday

King of Thailand is having his birthday celebration today and so my Dad does not have to work on his birthday. Called him to wish him Happy Birthday and though, unlike my mother, he claims not to be into the "Birthday" thing, I think he was reasonably happy to hear from me. Next year, however, things could be rather different. The man turns 60 and will be caught in the dilema of deciding if he wants people to make a big deal out of the fact that he's hit the BIG SIX-O or in hidding the fact that he has not desire to announce the fact that he's now part of the "Senior Citizens" group and can legally get discounts of the public transport (something which he's never taken in his recent life.)

Today has been fairly quiet - raining outside. Managed to make a few phone calls, stich a few things together but for now I remain unable to collect cheques, which is a big worry because money makes the world go round and when you don't have the necessary grease to move, its hard to do anything. Still, I have faith that things will turn out for the better, somehow or another.

Went out with Bijay last night. Was annoyed at first because my plans to watch "Lord of the Rings - Return of the Kings" was disrupted but since I hadn't seen the bugger in ages, I thought what the heck. In spite of initial reservations, I  had a good time at Taal and the evening may yet turn out to be productive for me in the long run. Actually met the business development director at Stanford Press and managed to touch the surface of what could be an interesting friendship.  Taal actually had a dancer who could  persuade me to move to Mumbai (Bombay) - she was slim (most of them have a little love handles) and very charming. Ashiwarya Rai she was not but good enough to feast the eyes for a good boys night out.

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