Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Finn Fun

It's been a bloody awful day. Whole day was spent raining cats, dogs, pigs, cows and the whole load of barnyard animals and having pretentions about being clever, I promtly decided to wear my cheaper shoes thinking that the rubber soles would do the trick in keeping the water out. - Boy was I wrong  - half way through walking in the rain, guess what, one of the dastardly soles had the audacity to fall out and there I was plonking around the place like a clown with a wet foot. Anyway, I finally did the smartish thing and sent the shoe for repair before heading home to change shoes.

Anyway, here I am on Boxing Day or St Stephens Day bashing out a blog entry as a form of releasing my frustrations with the wet shoe. It's been raining non stop and I think the most appropriate thing to say is that I've not been dreaming of a wet a soggy Christmas or even Boxing Day. Then again, there's been no Tsunami and I guess I must be doing OK when you take that into consideration.

On a more positive note, I went out with Azmi and ended up running into Cripe Hulphers and Ride Hamlin (The Gentle Giant - who is only 1.92 metres tall and a mere 105kg  ) I haven't seen the guys from Finland and it's been really great to see them and to catch up on old times and to hear of how old friends are doing in the land of the never rising though sometimes never setting sun. I think I fell in love with the stunning nature of Finland all those years ago in the year 2000. Utterly amazing.

Of course no reunion with Finns is ever complete without the joys of booze and I ended up having more than is actually good for me. Ah well, as one Finnish friends used to say, "It's Friday Night, I am drunk and it is the most beautiful thing in the world," or in this case it had to be substituted for Boxing Day. Anyway, poor Old Ride was hopping to see some sunshine and instead has had the joys of looking at the gloomy skies and the rain - though Christian, ever the optimist did point out that this time of the year in Finland has Zero Sunlight.


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