Saturday, December 30, 2006

Good Dudes Parade

It did occur to me that I was being exceedingly sexist by having a section for guys to drool over and nothing for girls at all. So, I decided that I would put the guys on parade.

However, since I don't make it a habit of capturing the hunky chunky form on my trusty phone camera the ladies will have to be content with looking at my guy friends. Some of my friends can be described as hunky, some are cute, some a handsomely boyish and some are cute in a different sort of way. What all the guys that I've posted up do have in common is the fact that I've always been able to have a good laugh with them and they've helped me in their own peculiar ways to get by life as all good friends, colleagues and aquaintainces so often to.

Ladies, I hope this does a little bit to make up for having to look at blokes eye candy.

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