Friday, December 01, 2006

It's now December - Don't know if I've had enough!

It's been a pretty good deal for making deals over the phone but the highlight of the day was recieving a note from the PM, BG Lee Hsien Loong about my article in Arab News. It seems he was quite happy to have a Singaporean writing for the Saudi Media and I hope that getting into his good copy blot book will somehow be good for me.

Got to collect money next week. November has been pretty good for the earnings but a pain in the but collecting the cash. Somehow people are very keen to talk to you when it comes to doing things but your face turns the colour of cow dung gone wrong when it comes to paying you. Perhaps I really should learn to be like Simon the debt collector and look ......grumpy when it comes to getting what is mine.

Anyway, its not been bad on the deal making front. Looks like Allan and I may be able to get ourselves a Christmas bonus out of the booze boys at Maxxium. Channel NewsAsia Money Mind is interested in a booze business story and is willing to give 10 mins of air-time on Christmas Eve. It's not everyday where you get that type of publicity ;-)

Also am working on a deal to help my friends on the down low, swing low section of the social ladder (God, I sound like a patronising beeeeeeep)! I'm now trying to set Zen, the world's fatest and chubbiest (you can tell I have soft spot for the telly tubbies can't you) working girl with Anil, a 22-year old Nepaleese friend of Bijay the Naan Maker. One would like to get his PR, the other would like to build up her cash position and hopefully move onto a less demanding and more regular income profession. Both are reasonablly sweet natured and have a common goal. Anyway, Anil has his diploma, which should stand him in good stead for something or other.  

Anyway, I guess I have to do the work. The money will come in later and that should sustain me through the early part of next year, when there's not actually all that much to do and I end up having to give out some Chinese New Year Ang Pao's, though I suspect that I'll be spared having to be nice to my mother's side since we're all supposed to be in mourning for my grandmother.

Anyway, it's late and so it shall be adiue, adiue, remember me and so until the next time, take care of yourselves and each other!!!!!!!!!

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