Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas and what nots in the Tropics

Today is Christmas Day, the world's favourite festival. Shoppers who had been busy spending their bonuses stayed at home and stuffed their faces on turkey or goose and Christmas trees stood tall and proud for all to see.

I on the other hand slept late. It was up at 11, lunch at 1130 and then nap time at 12 before being woken up at 1400 before going out to stuff myself silly at another lunch appointment. Didn't spend it in the traditional way but I had some Christmas presents to open and lots of food to eat.

Christmas, the festival of goodwill to all mankind was marked in a pretty unremarkable fashion. You could say that it was an anti-climax to months of build-up, hype and excitement. However, that should not have been in anyway a detraction from the significance of Christmas, namely the fact that Christmas is the one day of the year that we can have peace and good will to all mankind.

Sent a note to Azlan who has arrived in Jeddah and the last time I sent an SMS to him, it seems that he was on his way to Medina, one of the Holy cities in the Islamic World. He will, God willing be able to get decent coverage for the Malay TV station of the Haj, one of the greatest incidences in the life of any Muslim.

I'm not sure how much significance one can drawn from this but I think its really nice that he's off to do Haj Coverage on Christmas Day. Good to have the monothestic faiths working together for the same goal - if you take a look at the major conflicts in the last few years, you'll notice that most of them have been caused by the inability of the monothestic faiths to get along and accept that they're worshiping the same God.  So, if a Muslim can be doing something vaguely significant on Christmas Day, it's got to be a sign that perhaps life is not as violent and vile as it may sometimes be.

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