Saturday, December 02, 2006

A normal day

Managed to get by today with not too much hassle. Went through a bit of a wild goose chase to get the Marina Mandarin to unblock my funds in the morning and then just potted about until the evening when I went to the stakeholders event at the Eagle Eye Centre. Another typical day in my life in December of 2006.

Things were positive. Nobody told me to fly a kite, which is, I suppose a positive sign that I may be doing something right or the clowns around me have not noticed if I have done anything wrong. I'm reminded of the old British Series, Yes Minister when Bernard told Humphrey, "You can be open or you can have government. If people don't know a thing, they won't know what you're doing wrong." That kind of applies to life at the moment.

Not too bad a day. Lived off finger food and wine before proceeding to Harry's in Esplenade to join the guys at Alcon for their Christmas party. Alcon seem quite happy with the job that's been done for them - that does not surprise me, they're barely in the public eye and every scap of news you get them so every thing you do is, "More than they've ever had." Still I think this is a good start and I told the GM that we'll be there to help him achieve his billion dollar sales targets. Inshallah, this will lead to a good and lasting relationship with them.

OK, I'm actually sleepy so I better work on the sleep.


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