Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's raining. It's been raining so heavily for the best part of the day that some areas of town are completly flooded. It's water, water everywhere and although this could, lead to a few environmental issues, on the whole it will have the magic benefit of making the weather a bit cooler and this will also keep our local reservoirs filled. Singapore, as I've reminded myself on quite a few occasions is a water-scarce nation and needs to be able to get hold of every drop of the stuff that it can get.

Anyway, I've spent the better part of the day walking under ground trying to avoid the rain. Went to physiotherapy in the morning where I ran into my little insurance agent. The cute little thing had a car accident a few days ago and needs physio to recover - hope she does so quickly.

 Then it was down to town to finish off the report for the helpline event that we had on Sunday. This will hopefully allow us to collect a bit more money before Christmas. Anyway, we have delivered beyond the client's wildest expectations. It's pitty we were not collecting the actual advertising dollars, would be enough to keep us in lucre for the rest of the year. - The main thing is, I manage to get the bills paid and come close to the savings target that I had set for myself. If there's a lesson for me this year, it's been the importance of being liquid. The jobs come in and sometimes they don't, so you got to have a means of making sure that you can live during the times when the cash does not flow.

Anyway, December is comming to an end and I'm still running about like a hatter. Somehow, whenever I think I can retire from the life that I lead and head towards a state of meditation, I somehow end up having to do more mad things that I thought I would never get round to doing. So here it is, activity is non stop and I may go mad before you know it.


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