Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Relief

Managed to breath a sigh of relief today. Collected the first 3/4 of the payment for the Polaris job and that should be enough to pay down a couple of bills and allows me to breath a sigh of relief. Almost had nightmares that I was going to be running on a total shoe string at this time of the year, which is notorious for making people spend money that they don't actually have.

Anyway, thank goodness for that. Also got a chance to touch base with Supriyo, who has said that we have to catch up for coffee. He's a sweet man and I think I need to manage this one well. Won't get rich off them but hopefully this will be regular enough to keep body and soul together. I enjoy working with Polaris, the press that they aim for is niche market, and international. Somehow they welcome being interviewed by the International Financial Press unlike quite a few people that I can think of.

Will be meeting with Clement on Friday to interview HE Kurdi. This is an interview about Saudi Arabia's efforts to develop tourism and should be quite interesting. It's also good to touch base with HE and the embassy staff. You never know what people will do for you when you make the effort to keep in touch with them - especially when you have no financial interes in doing so. PN was the one who said that one should always help the press work a good story up even when one does not have commercial interest. PR agents, it seems are a little like insurance agents - your best friend whenever they need you but useless otherwise. Well, I'll try to be different, God Willing.

Alcon should be passing a bit more dosh my way next week. Radio were very supportive of the clinic and I think good things may come out of this clinic. A part of me feels that fate aways rewards good businesses. A clinic meant to heal people deserves to be well supported. An MBA programme from a dubious institution does not deserve to be supported by any organisation worth its salt - will always remember working for Chartwell Business School - also known as the School of Crap & Crap - run by Dr (He is?) S. Thevasi and Ganesh. To be fair to ST, he liked Gina and offered he a raise to come back (which she promtly shoved back in his face after a month) I think the experience for working with this guy was the fact he opened my eyes to a world of dubious people.  

Speaking of dubious people, it looks like Roger Hamilton may have come up with a settlement plan for some of his disgruntled shareholders. Alas, alack, it looks like a good many may give up the fight and not want to see his shaddy arse in jail. Roger, to be fair to him, is very clever but he is, at the end of the day just another white boy cashing in on the inability of Asians to see beyond white skin and fancy degrees.

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