Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And just to prove a point........

Nature has a way of making fun of people and I suspect that in recent days I've been setting myself up to made fun off. Just after two days ago, I based out an entry about how I needed to be with someone who had a way of making me make them the focus of their lives. I also mentioned that in spite of being very particular about wanting to be with "Mature" women, I usually ended up being attracted to women with a quaint dominating/whinney/psychotic personality.

Today, my beloved "Silly Con-Artist"Half dragged me to buy a ticket to Vietnam. Somehow, she got the idea that we needed to fly out on the 15th of Feb where the only available tickets are in business class. I somehow was under the impression we were paying for different tickets until she stormed out of the travel agents - somehow, somewhere it seemed that in the not too distant past, I had agreed to buy her the ticket. 

Bloody heck, I thought. She's up to no good and throwing a spoilt temper tantrum. Why do I put up with this, I wonder. I thought after her temper tantrum that we wouldn't speak for a while. By the afternoon, she was on the phone, threatening to bite me harder than she usually does - and guess what - we're back to our lovey selves again.

So there you have it. Me, a totally rational human being on most normal days being enchanted by a woman who's ability to act like a mad dog rivals the actual performance of a mad dog. Admittedly Han Li is easy on the eye but hey, what's in the eye of the beholder when the beholder is easily blinded.   

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