Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Sunday, Quiet Sunday

It's another quiet Sunday, a Sunday that I spent most of the time catching up on some sleep and making a point of trying to get the rest that I usually don't get during the week. It's been something of a non-event in life, one of those signs that I'm turning a little senile, perhaps, perchance something that the rest of the world has wanted for me.

Am now writing a few items for some PR projects. As usual, work is there but cash flow is not happening quite yet. Not something to shout about but at least something is moving along and things will hopefully turn out for the better in the next few days.

Still, the entire day was not wasted in slumber land. I managed to churn out an article for Arab News about the recent annoucement that the USA will be sending some more 20,000 troops. I think its what you call the perpetual American obsession with size and the idea that being bigger is always better.

 Its like men with big slongs who automatically assume that they're going to make good lovers but end up forgetting that being a good lover involves more than just shoving it inside. You could call George Bush that type of man who thinks its all about the size of his schlong and forgets the importance of using the tounge and fingers (Uncle Richard used to tell me that the dick's only function was to ejaculate )  Look at his Iraq policy, all he does is to shove more troops to Iraq in the hope that something will happen. He's forgotten about basic things like trying to win over the local population through hearts and minds. I fear that those poor US troops are going to end up as cannon fodder for the nut bars in Iraq and the world will, instead of being safer from terrorism become even more prone to terrorist attacks as guys like Al-Qaeda and the Mahdi army feed of resentment caused by American bombs.

In the world of click button information and hardware, history is confined to the waste bin of the humanities department tought in schools. That's such a pitty because history actually teaches us alot of things. History provides us with a wealth of information about politics and success in politics.

Take the Invasion of Iraq. Did the  Cheerleading Draft Dodgers think that the rest of the world welcome their boys into their homes with open arms? I think not! It was like just walking into Iraq and expecting everything to be just OK. Oooopppps, the "Rag Heads" thought otherwise and started shooting back at them. A real man in the White House would have understood that military power has to be backed up by something else. - Look at World War II, a situation where American military power saved the world. This was followed up by Marshal Aid to Europe and the rebuilding of Japan. Today, nobody imagines Europe or Japan becomming threats to world peace. Europe and Japan's current economic power is not a threat to America but it helps America maintain economic stability in the world.

Iraq has beed different. From the moment those Draft Dodgers entered Bagdahd, they've made a hash of things and done nothing but rob and steal from Iraqi people. If they've achieved anything, its to make Sadam Hussein look like a dignified leader of men and the Mullah's of Iran look like sensible, rational and reasonable. Seriously, read any interview with Iranian President Ahmadinajad and you have an articulate and intelligent man. Press makes a point of saying that he's the son of a blacksmith. What they forget to point out is that next to George Bush, who is an MBA (I think it was from Harvard Business School ) the Iranian President looks like a fellow at Cambridge. Its no wonder why the Western Media needs to mistranslate the quote and claim that he threatened to "Wipe Israel from the face of the earth." - More accurately he quoted Khomani who argued that Israel would dissapear and he was not reffering to the Jewish people but to the Zionist and Anti-Semitic lot that run Israel. But hey, that's ok for them. I suppose there's nothing else to do except slander and twist the other guys words to suit you, especially when your guy has the intelligence level of a two-year old donkey. - Its a crazy world that's for sure!    


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