Saturday, January 27, 2007

Balderdash on Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning, the last Saturday morning of the month of January and here I am once again on the net trying to pour out the contents of my rather futile mind into cyberspace. Ever since I started on this blog, I've taken the sheer pleasure of emptying out the contents of my mind into cyberspace.

Anyway, its been an interesting start to the year. Have enjoyed some pretty good meals. Have had work to do and so have not had to struggle too much looking for work not just to get money but also to keep the mind from turning into something resmbling canned beef. On the cash flow front, things have been pretty bad, not enough money has come in and plenty has gone out but then again at this time of the year what else can one expect. In the mean time, though, I've been fortunate to have a savings pile to live on and now the trick is to replenish it before the next round of drought.

Life, as you can see has been like it usually is. Sometimes delightful, sometimes crap. Not sure if its a good sign that I've accepted my life to be a routine of things. Routines are terribly boring but at the same time they become terrible comfortable and when you become comfortable, its probably a sign that something needs to be done but you're not sure what you have to do in order to progress.

A young lady with an interest in astrology came to read my chart yesterday. Said that I could die of an STD, so I got to practice safe sex - also said that sex was a hobby and that I was attracted to "Princes" type girls. Now why the hell haven't I met a beautful Saudi or Kuwaiti Princes who could keep me in the style that I'm accustomed to? On the other hand she did tell me that I had a powerful imagination and could harness it to do well in work, which is the one thing that I do get satisfaction from.

Work and sex are probably two of the more delightful things that keep me going. Sex is a delightful pleasure and its a shame that not enough people appreciate it for what it is - a private moment of sharing and caring. Sex, I believe is the ultimate expression of feeling. OK, its not the be all and end all to a relationship but its the key to the relationship. I mean who cares if youre nice and sweet if you can't shag. Girls who are interested in looking pretty and get worried about sex ruining their good looks are as useful as "Pork Chops" in a Synagogue or Mosque. Guys who think that sex involves slamming it in also fall under that catagory.

Work is also a wonderfully interesting thing. Some jobs are undoubtedly boring as hell and even parts of doing business can be dull and frustrating. In my current situation, I spend an unholy amount of my time chasing people for money and getting up tight over all sorts of small things. However, work on the whole has certain pleasures. I think work is one of those things we need to do to keep our minds from rotting away.

In the PR line, we do have the satisfaction of persuading other people to do good from time to time. Last year, the team and L'EAP managed to put quite a bit of money towards the Very Special Arts, a charity that gives pride to the disabled by getting them involved in art. It was good for Nestle and Nescafe from a PR standpoint. It was also good for us to know that we had helped this group achieve a good aim. The team at Mun Loong & Associates also managed to get TWC2, a charity devoted to the welfare of migrant workers, funding for a hot line for Singapore's migrant community. The money you get from work is good but the feeling that you were part of something that makes a difference to people is something the money can't buy . It's a good thing when you get paid to help make a difference.


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