Monday, January 08, 2007

Farewell to the Troll and Hello to the Sudanese

Here we are again on a Monday morning. Everything went according to plan, just like any other Monday morning. Things moved on a slow and groggy state of affairs.

Thank goodness for good food though. Had Mee Rubus at Haig Rd Hawker Centre. Excellent stuff, full of meat. Long Live Carnivorism.

Went to Saudi Trade Office to pass on Eid Greetings. Caught up with Said, who is one of the naturalised Sudanese. Was good to see him, Said and Mohammed Barkia, the two naturalised Sudanese guys in the Saudi Diplomatic Community were two gems whom I got to know during the Crown Princes visit.

However, it was a little sad to find out that the trade attache, Abdul Hadi (Hadi enjoys the fact that there is a Saudi Abdul Hadi), has gone back. Would have been nice to say goodbye to a big friendly troll (Saudi Abdul Hadi is huge - he towers over most men) of a character. I hope his replacement will be as friendly as him.


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