Thursday, January 04, 2007

First Business Day of the Year

It was the first business day of the year and a fairly quiet one today. Looks like I'm gonna be living off my savings for the moment but I did do a few bits and pieces of pitching for stories and should hopefully be collecting cheques within a matter of days. This week is notoriously short and there's not much that can actually be done but I'll see what there is to do and do it. It is I guess a case of bashing out things and making sure that they get done.

Economic news is out. It seems that the Singapore economy grew by some 5.9% in Q4 from the year before. It's not a bad number - not as great as it used to be in the rather heady days of the early economic boom but for a maturing economy, I think the growth rate is fairly respectable. However, as Benjamin Disraeli used to say - "There are lies, damnd lies and statistics," so the question for us is - what do all these economic figures really mean for the man on the ground. What differences does it really make if the economy grows by 5% or 500%.

One positive sign for the economy - which is a big pain in the butt is - traffic jams. Somehow, when traffic is crap, it seems that the economy is doing OK. Seems people have enough time to drive about. Took hours to get from Geylang Area to Bukit Timah. - Bukit Timah area was jammed packed with cars at about 6ish. Not sure where everyone got the energy to drive about at that time of the day.

Anyway, it's late, so I shall have to do what pretentious people do and actually go to sleep

Till the next time, take care of yourselves and each other

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