Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Its been an exceedingly hot day today. Somehow, the human body has been reduced to the value of a popsacle whenever one heads out into the sun like a loan cowboy. For me, it was great because, thanks to my physiotherapy today, I didn't have to look too formal and so didn't have to risk having my decent shirts looking like a dogs mess after a mere two seconds in the sun.

Recieved a cheque from Golin Harris today but unfortunately, somehow in the invoice process, the cheque was issued to Tang-Asia Consultancy (which don't exist as a legal entity), which then got changed to Kush Marketing (which also does not exist.) So guess what, it looks like I'll have to wait a wee bit longer to get that money and settle the tickets and other bills/debts that are comming up. Still, I'm more relaxed now that I've seen the cheques, at least I have the confidence that money from somewhere will appear - even if it is in drips and drabs. Its just good to know that the ability to broker the odd deal here and there outside the arena of press relations is there.

The "Psychotic" Half is staying in bed after yesterday's little temper tantrum at the travel agents. She's very funny. I know she's a hustler par-excellence who probably makes in a few days more than what I make in the entire month but on the other hand she's got the behavouir an mannerisms of a little girl with the same desires to be taken care off.

Me, I'm the last person on the earth whom you would call a hustler - many expected me to sit tight in academia and use my bookish demeanour to plod through life. Circumstances did not permit me to have that life. OK, I could have been a school teacher had I been able to stand the politics and the fact that everything was done by comittee.

I always see myself as a perpetual wonderer, never building anything, never settling down into anything, rather like the Lone Gunslinger in the Old Western or the traveling Shaolin Monk in Chinese Gong Fu movies. Perhaps I've achieved my secret purpose in life to be a perpetual nomad.  

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