Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rain Rain Please

Saturday, its raining and I've got to go out for a wedding, which means I'm in the penguin suit and in my attempts to look vaguely elegant, I'll end up looking wet, silly and rather comical and unlike Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder et al, I won't get paid to look like a clown on a lolly pop. So this is a case of rain-rain please bugger off for the next few hours.

Anyway, had dinner with the Finns and Azmi last night. Had Naan at the Pakistani place on the junction of Deskar and Serangoon Rd. The guys were really thrilled to try the Naan, I think this is the first time in a while that they've sat down and had a meal like this. Then they ran into Bijay who was on his way home after a day at work and in his shop. Now, we all have a plan to sell Bijay in Finland to chubby Finnish girls (We're talking about a man, the only man I know who gets very excited by Flesh Ball) and to set up a Naan shop in the centre of Helsinki.

Decided to avoid drinking with the guys last night. Something about age but my little Chinese body does not respond to the copious ammounts of alcohol that the Finns are prone to consuming nor does my pocket book allow me to indulge in that habit. Very strong tequilla was supposed to be the attraction of the evening. Thanks but this little body and pocket book ain't what it used to be made off.

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