Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something to say for saying it out loud

It was what you could call a rather quiet day. Woke up late. Had a bite to eat. Went down town to meet with Allan. Helped him to buy a new phone. Helped Luke finish some wine. Went to Azmi's wedding with the Finns and had more to drink, including a traditional Finnish Wedding drink and then sent the boys to the airport where we finished a bottle of wine between us and they had a beer before getting onto the plane back to the land of the never rising sun.

In short, you could say that it was a day where nothing much happened. A day of utter nothing with the exception of having a bit more wine than usual. It's got me wondering, has life become more usual than usual? In my efforts to become a simple person, life's become more complicated and the mind is usually in a twirl of what nots?

Wedding was good. Food was really good. Had spectacular roast beef, scalop salad and a load of cream puffs. My body is not going to like this as it puts on the extra padding. But it did help me to withstand the larger than usual ammounts of alcohol that I was consuming.

Anyway, it seems that US President George Bush's favourite actor is Chuck Noris and his second favourite is Sylvestor Stallone. No wonder why his foreign policy is the way it is, ex-wimp trying to make up his "tough guy" times. OK, Chuck Noris is a genuine martial arts champion, but he's an awful actor, totally wodden and brings the - "Let's go in and kick their asses" persona to the screen in the most corny of ways. - Bush must have been having a fantasy that his decision to invade Iraq would work out like "Walker - Texas Ranger." - Well-it obviously ain't working out like he thought it would have.

It's quite funny how this US Administration has billed itself as a "War Administration." They're all trying to live a fantasy of being able to project power abroad, showing the world that if you don't fall into their line of thinking you will get squashed by their military might. - The funny thing is - NOBODY, in the Bush Administration has actually never seen combat of any form. These guys billed their predecessor as a "Draft Dodger" but at least Bill Clinton opposed the Vietnam War in a somewhat honourable fashion. Bush on the other hand was not just a NATIONAL GUARD's Man but in the AIR NATIONAL GUARD and couldn't even attend those seriously because he was AWOL most of the time. - Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfwitz at al were also draft dodgers who didn't have the guts to serve their country as young men but now spew crap about serving your nation when neither they nor thier children will see military action.

In the 6-years that this administration has been around, I've come to think that it's such a pitty that military people have been trained to become subordinate to civilians. There is, I believe a case where Generals should have the right to refuse certain courses demanded of them by their civilian supperiors - particularly those who avoided going into the military when they were required to.

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