Friday, January 12, 2007

Twitchy Witchy Pooie Woopie 2

Back from a late lunch and paying the phone bill. Lunch, how can I describe lunch at 2pm on a Friday on a rainy day? I think the only thing to say was that my earlier pronouncements about the Almighty being mighty upset about something was pretty darn true. Had grand plans for a great duck noodle. Instead, I managed to get one tasteless dumpling noodle, watery coffee and dissapointing fish soup. I think the Hokkien word that describes lunch is - Sway

Well, so there it is! My life ruined because of three lousy food dishes. Imagine how much nicer life would be if the belly was full, so full that I could end up being bounced up and down and up and down and up and down. It would be quite a funny sight wouldn't it. Actually its not so much the sensation of the belly getting full but the flavours that food has to offer. Give me a ripe blue cheese any day and I'll be able to sit there and be happier than a hamburger being gobbled by Wimpy at his best.

Anyway, just secured an interview with the Edge for one of 3M's men. Hopefully once this is done, there will be a story and billing and sixty days latter there will be cash in the bank. This really is working for tomorrow's money taken at an interesting level. Sixy-days! Ah well, this is, I suppose the joy of being self-employed and living in the age of "Credit Terms." I've been quite a spoilt little bugger, getting used to working with people who pay - cash! One of the best guys was Raymond, when he was at Polaris. - Everything revoved around "Come back at 4pm" and lo and behold - the cheque would be ready. I like Raymond's philosophy "We ask for things in a hurry and so we will pay in a hurry."

Paid of the usual big bill - The Phone Bill. Managed to accumiliate enough points to off set against the monthly subscription of two of my lines. Cash should, God Willing, flow a little bit easier in the months to come.

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