Friday, January 12, 2007

Twitchy Witchy Pooie Woopie

It's the second Friday of the year and I'm in my usual groggy state. Call it an access of staying up to watch ER at 2 plus in the morning and internet surfing to keep the mind active for something or other.

Anyway, its one of those times of the year when cash flow is tight (knew I should have become a hooker) and there's lots of obligations - a case of after Christmas there's Chinese New Year (which was decidedly more fun when I was a reciever of Ang Pao's rather than a giver). Somehow, festivals lose their kick as you get older. Perhaps I'm just a little bit insane but I like being in front of a screen looking for something or cuddled up in bed (something or someone in it is actually optional) than sitting around a family gathering and trying to get excited over something or other.

It's been raining quite heavily. I think the Lord must be quite upset about something or other. Ah well, the temperature has become cooler and at least there won't be worries about the water supply.

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