Monday, January 08, 2007

Week ended - Long Live the rest of the next 52 weeks

The first working week of 2007 has come and gone. Hopefully, people will be comming out of their leave mentality and things will be able to get moving. The Year has the potential to be good but things have to get going in order for things to happen.

Anyway, last week was fairly simple. Touched base with HE Kurdi to wish him Happy Eid and also managed to touch base with SAGIA's Director-General, Mr Meshari S Al Khaled. It was good to catch up with both of them and hopefully I'll be able to strengthen the relationship with both the embassy and SAGIA in the comming year.

It was also a week to clean up proposals. Worked with Allan on a proposal for Jim Beam and also for Marina Square. Somehow, God Willing, there will be a better cash flow for the year. I think cash flow management has to be one of the key areas that I hope to improve on.

Caught up with Han Li today. Was good to catch up and spend time together. I am actually looking forward to the possibility of making a visit to Hanoi this year. I'm often puzzled by the way life has turned out. I was always a kid who spent his time traveling from one place to another. Suddenly, I've become an adult who has not traveled much within the past few years. Last year was good in as much as Mum subsidised the trip to Hamburg, while the Saudi Embassy paid for the trip to Riyad and Mandate paid for a day trip up to Malacca. Somehow, I'd like to have a bit more travel this year. Can't spend all my waking hours on this little Island.

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