Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dansk Dan Danmark

Vinny from the UK dropped by Hamburg and decided that it would be fun if we drove to Scandinavia for a few days.

Anyway, here I am in Copenhagen, bashing out a quick blog entry to talk about ....not very much. Denmark, unlike Germany and much of Western Europe is dark and snowy. The temperatures have been hovering about 1 and zero - coldder than the fridge Prices of things also seem to be quite expensive too.

In spite of all of that, the  Danes, like the rest of the Scandinavians are incredibly warm and friendly people. Not sure how they manage to be warm but they are great people. The hotel we are staying in is party-central, though, instead of partying, I'm out bashing this entry and trying to make some sense of things

Anyway, tomorrow could be a very interesting day. We're planning to drive into Sweeden, that is assuming the weather holds. If not, Kobenhaven as the Danes call their capital city is a pretty city and one worth getting to know.

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