Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trying to Yank Up Production

It's been quite a productive few days. I've finally managed to get my ticket to Hamburg paid for and will be off to Germany on the 16th of February where I will be hibernating and hopefully be able to get article churned out and published at a rate that will allow me to get my branding and financial health back to an acceptable level.

Anyway, its been a fairly ok week. Got the cheque from Polaris for the final bits of work for Arup Gupta's visit and had enough money to pay most of the remaining debt on the house water filter system and give myself enough breathing room to get by until the next cheque comes in - by which then, God Willing, I'll be able to clear the phone bill and the next hotel club membership. It's been a month that's heavy on the commitment front and low on incomming cash - but hey. I've lived and somehow working at a rate where things should start to look up - somewhere out there.

Recieved a Chinese New Year card from His Excellency, Dr Kurdi. It was pretty touching to recieve his card. Nice, made my day to know that at least one of my clients thinks enough of me on this little festival.

Dr Julian Theng launched his book - "A Long-Sighted Look at Presbyopia." He's be donating half the proceeds to charity and so I did my bit and bought a copy. Should hopefully do its intended purpose and get people knowing more about presbyopia and other eye conditions.

Have been trawling the sites of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, Asian Development Bank to get news stories. Need ways of getting published by more papers so that - guess what, the dosh factor goes up.

OK, that's it for now, better bugger off into something more lucrative

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