Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day or the Day Card Makers went on the Rampage

It's Valentines Day today, a day when card makers and floorist feel that wonderful feeling of love, romance and sexual chemistry in the air. It's my favourite day of the year but also my least favourite. so,

I love the fact that its ok to look at a girl on Valentines Day and tell her that you actually like her. My problem is that I usually like just about every woman I've been associated. You could call it the part of me that is romantic, sensual and all other things that I like. Somehow, flattery seems to come off the tip of my tounge like butter dripping from hot toast. OK, I've not gone as far as to try it on the Flesh Ball but by and large my female aquaintainces are easy enough on the eye and so the sour everythings that I speak are easy.

Incidentally, my female readers should know that when I speak such words to them, I have this bad habbit of actually meaning what I say. I'm not saying and doing what I say because I want something. I actually do find the lot of you very attractive and quite beautiful.

On the other hand Valentines Day can be a chore. There are only so many floorist that you can support. There are only so many card makers, including those online whom you can give a smidgen of business to. Women, as I've discovered seem to either hide in self-indignation and take you too seroiusly and start clobbering you over the head with - "We're just friends, ya" speech if you actually tell them you like them. Or worse they actually want you to become an exclusive agent of pure flattery - which becomes a job you pay them for you to do unto them.

So, perhaps there's a way out of this dilema and I should take the path of saying this to every woman who's reading this Blog.

I think your beautiful. Your happiness is paramount to my happiness. In every moment that I spend with you, you are the only one that matters. If I had the power to, I would do everything to make each and every day of your life one of a bliss that you'll ever experience. For me, you are a part of my heart"

Have a Happy Valentines Day  

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