Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ge De Buk Ge De Buk Ge De Buk

Woke up fairly early this morning. Wasn't too difficult. Just got a very tight squeeze on the left arm and suddenly it was out of lala dream land for me. Nothing like having your arm squeezed until it turns blue to keep you alert.

Anyway, the long and the short of all of this is the fact that I managed to get the the darn thing taken off my arm and spent the morning in Changi General having an ultra-sound of my heart. Ultra sounds are quite kinky in a wierd way. You get gel smeared on your body but I didn't seem to mind - I had a good snooze at various moments. Nothing like having a good snooze to make ones morning.

Day has been quite OK. Had lunch with Allan and a new opthalomologist, Dr Gerard Chua, whom we are likely to work with on the Alcon account. Gerard Chua is a nice man, very loving towards his girlfriend. During lunch, he and girlfriend (who happens to be a nurse) held hands. He has to be a nice guy. For me, food comes first - which probably accounts for why I'm a cuddly 97 KG .

Anyway, its been quiet. Some of the press reverted on some of the pitches I sent out late last night. Won't get rich, its all part of the Alcon retainer but its good because every bit of news coverage keeps the client happy and more importantly, I think it helps get some important eye-care issues a higher profile. Alcon is one of those really nice clients where you manage to get a few pennies out of them and do a public service by publicising and 'educating' people are issues like cataracts, presbyopia and glaucoma. So, its nice to earn a few Karma points or whatever they have in the nether world or wherever one is supposed to go to after dropping dead.

Its been a fairly quiet week. Am seriously skint and somehow I need to raise survival cash pretty darn quickly. No, I'm not about to take up prostitution as a living, even if at times being a free-lance writer sometimes feels like being one (on second thoughts, its an insult to whores, they get in cash). But seriously, I'm not going to kill myself. Now that things are moving on GE Commercial Finance, I think the future looks a wee bit brighter or at least more interesting than it did this time last month. A case of ready to die before going into better things.

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