Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleepy On Friday, In Need of beep, beer and FOOD

It's Friday, the proverbial end of the week that everyone seems to look out for. Everyone starts to unwind on Friday (though in Saudi they're already unwound and getting rewound) and I had to start Friday at a meeting with ISD. This is part of a project I'm working off with the guys at Consulus. Interesting meeting, the girl from ISD (Internal Security Department - Singapore version of MI5) studied theater and English and as things turned out had to seriously deflate my ego to tell me that I was probably not being monitored by ISD. Damn, I thought that was going to give me some street cred with the plebs.

Anyway, I managed to collect some more money today, which is always good. Being broke is quite a common occurance unless you are part of the rulling elite but not much fun either (unless you are part of the rulling elite - when things don't happen to you, it always seems so much more fun/funny)

Well, I guess, I'm just in a sleepy and hungry mood. Managed to edit one script, write a brand new one (admitedly with the help of some pointers) and emcee remarks - all this in aid of conference of health and work safety. Personally, workers should be exploited - I know, once you've been exploited you take a particularly childish delight in watching someone else get exploited by the evils of capitalism.

OK, need a nap - got to look for some where to crash before heading back to work

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