Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Worry and Joy

It's been a fairly busy day. Somehow or other most of my waking hours have been spent trying to tiddy up bits and pieces from jobs that have yet to be done and so as the expression goes, I'm quite knackered. Or at least I should be, have not worked this intensly for quite a while, which is probably saying something about moi and my affairs.

Managed to finish a script and a write up today. Fabulous Tan, one of my SME clients is offering a range of "Interesting" cosmetic services. When the business first started, I was sceptical. I still am. I know its awful to publicise this about my own client but the idea of a "Sun Tan" studio in Singapore is really comical. I mean we have more than enough sun and the culture here is for women to became fair rather than dark. Having said all of that the client is obviously doing something right. He's actually been expanding and somehow you can't help but want him to succeed. I think that's one of the reasons why I still support the guy. People who can defy logic and proving conventional reason wrong have the ability to bring you to interesting places. I mean, if I can sell a Sun Tan studio in Singapore I guess I can do pretty much anything.

Managed to get Julian to deliver a talk in Leng Kee Community Centre. He was really good. Could have been something to do with the fact that Julian is the perfect image of what every Chinese old lady hopes her daughters and grandaughters will bring home - in spite of being a very good cornea specialist (one of Singapore's best), Julian is a riddiculously young looking 38-year old. Anyway, Julian's secret to eternal youth aside, he was a hit. He handled the presentation and questions in Mandarin and Alcon managed to get very good exposure from the excercise.

Han Li called today. I'm a little worried. Thui is not feeling too good - bad enough for Han Li to want to fly back quickly. I still have this image of my baby girl as a ever ready bunny and the idea of her being less than that does not make me a happy bunny too.

Night ended at Number 5, a bar in Emerald Hill. Generally not my hang out. Too filled with Whisky Tango and SPG's and girls trying to be SPG's (Sarong Party Girls to reading Brits). Event was an SPCA (In the UK it would be the RSPCA) function and I was there at the invitation of one of my favourite radio producers.

Having said that, the event was a joy to behold. There was this band from South America, one local guy, two Cubans and a Columbian. Seriously, I love to hear Spanish being sung - could be something to do with the fact that I spent the better part of my student days with my head glued to Spanish sound track. But they were really good. Both the Columbian and Cuban chick were enchanting when they moved - for the life of me, I can't understand how the Whisky Tango could look at the SPG's after those two were performing on stage. The Columbian (black chick) could glide effortlessly while the Cuban (white chick) could really shake her booty. Cuba may be communist and Columbia may be a place where people get murdered like everyone else eats ice cream but for those two....I'd move anywhere they'll go to.

I think it must be something about the temprament. Its like whenever you see the Southern Europeans, South Americans and even the Philipinos gather together, there's always an atmosphere of pure joy. It's like when any of these groups gather together, they just let lose like no one else can and the joy that they have is infectious.

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