Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yex Again

It must definately be that time of the year again but I'm down with yet another gastric problem. Its a case of regular burbing and the runs and that really makes me feel depressed because it limits my movements to somewhat comfortable places with useable toilets. Yech! The Eggy Burps make me feel like I'm an overblown ballon that was blown up by a drunken clown who pucked up after one too many good ones.

Anyway, the good side to being down with something is that I get to sleep. Yes, I am well and truely sounding like my good friend the naan maker who works a 12-hour shift and has become obsessed with going home to get his beauty rest. Life seems too short to be spent sleeping at night - especially during the weekdays when I have clients to call, events to attend to and am busy trying to turn my click empire into something that might actually pay off my pension liabilities one of these days.

It helps that I am housitting for a friend of mine who is overseas with his wife. He's got a cute little place near the Ministry of Defence. The place is fairly self-contained and next to the swimming pool. Gives me plenty of scope to do things and surf the net and watch sattilite TV (just finished the Samoa-Tonga Rugby World-Cup Match). Good to be able to meditate a bit and enjoy a bit of tranquility. However, this place is out of the way and the strategy with being here is that I don't go to many places because by the time I do....I might as well have flown. Anyway, his pet cat and I get along and I guess that's the most important thing.

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