Friday, October 05, 2007

A Bum Who Lives Well

It's Firday today and I'm currently in a reflective mode, one where I look back on the week that has gone by and look forward to the week that is to come. What did I do well last week and what I could I do to improve this week. Usual answers abound - I could have had more women killing themselves to use me sexually, some foreign dignatary could have showered me in gold and I would be elected to a Bullshit job like being the Head of State. But since these things did not happen to me, I look back at the things that did happen.

Highlight of the week is undoubtedly GE Day on Monday. Managed to touch base with the Commercial Finance arm that I work with and meet some of the people from the other GE units. The article in Straits Times came out and the SEA CEO that I am working for actually wrote me a mini-testimonial, which I shall, God Willing have printed up on my Tang-Asia website. This will as they say, add a wee bit more to my credibility.

There was also a good lunch with Kuntal Joshi on Wednesday. He was being interviewed by the Business Times. Seemed to go quite well, he had a lot of fun telling her about Alcon and there was quite a tasty meal at Novus in the National Museum.

All in all, I managed to have a fairly good week even if I didn't get paid and remained fairly skint in real terms, I managed to live rather well. Had a few good meals here and there and managed to enjoy the company of some new found friends - namely the band at the Long Bar in the Raffles.

Which brings me to the main cut, thrust and parry of this rant. Life is about not making any money of your own and finding ways to live off other people's money. Corporate expense accounts or at least friends with corporate expense accounts are wonderful boon. Its thanks to things like these that keep the economy running. Spend lots and lots of the company's money - nobody will object - that is unless you choose to spend it on things like....hookers, drugs and endless booze.

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