Friday, November 02, 2007

Stuffed nose, smoker's cough and lots of green stuff

I've come down with the most horendous bug that has kept me pretty much bed ridden for the past 3-days. Somehow, I can't help but cough-up horrible green things violently and my nose has been blocked all the way up to the brain and unlike a certain law professor, I can't even tell if this is what gay sex aka buggeration by another bloke feels like.

Yes, this is the begining of something pretty crappy at a time when I think I could do with a few moments of feeling good. Managed to collect my final payment from GRID for the GE job, which means I have finally come close to reviving the savings account to the levels that it was at last year, and I can concentrate on a few other things that will, God Willing put more money in the cash bucket. Of course, the temptation to go out on a spree of booze, hookers and dubious business ventures calls out quite seductively but I thanks to this cold I don't seem to have the will or capacity to be bad as a I want to be - which is just as well - since I think the sub-prime crisis is about to get worse and having cash in hard times is an absolute must in this day and age.

Being sick is no fun. I'm stuck with having to breath through my mouth on a few occasions and I just want to get as much sleep as I can. The best form of entertainment that seems to come my way these days is observing the colour and texture of the stuff that I cough up or breath out of my nose. I think I must be pretty bugged up because I've taken quite a few dosages of flue medication and that does not seem to be kicking in. Of course, looking at your green stuff is actually pretty repulsive but facinating in a quck-doctor kind of way - I think in Chinese medical terminology, you can tell if your body is "Heaty" by the green icky stuff that comes out and my body must be near furnace point - even if I am not actually feverish.

Having said that, I've had a bit of quiet time to get things done. Been updating my facebook profile. OK, networking sites are not for everyone. I mean, I think most of the people I meet on these sites are people I already know and do business with. I've never actually meet a new contact off the net and had a successful business transaction. Same goes with getting laid. Have not meet anyone who wanted to get laid with me just because they found my profile sexy.

However, Facebook is different in an interesting way. Have managed to meet all sorts of old friends and reconnected with them. In particular its good to meet with the guys from the Old Churcharian's Club. It's been years since I left school and I think I'm in danger of sounding like one of those sad public school boys who has nothing better to do but reminice about the old days. Well....not really, these are guys who formed an important part of my life and its good to have a contact of sorts with them. One of them, I think is in Singapore and it would be worth getting in contact. - Not sure if the bugger remembers me though.

Tara comes into town later today (by which I mean 3 November). Will be good to catch-up with her. I think if last year was the year of the baby girl, this should be the year of the siblings. First Max and now Tara dropping by. It's strange to think that I'm so much older than the rest of them, but somehow that has not stopped me being or wanting to be close to them. Tara in particular, is the sibling closest to me in age and the only one that did any growing-up with me. I think she's probably the one sibling of mine who can laugh at the same people that I laugh at most of the time. OK, Gina was a bit of an exception - Christopher did most of the laughing (At age 11, he was so tickled to meet a grown-up he was taller than) - Tara was merely a frosty sister-in-law - ah the joys of soap-opera marriages.

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