Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Moment of Hope

The year 2008 has not been a terribly good year for the financial markets. Nearly everyday you turn on the TV and you hear about how stock markets around the world are collapsing and economies are going down the tube.

But there was a piece of good news today in the Middle Eastern Newspapers. Palestinans who had been impressioned in the Gazza strip finally broke through the fenses and flooded into Egypt where they managed to buy supplies and got the essentials that they needed to survive.

The people of the Gazza strip made one fatal error. They actually believed that the world was seriously interested in having "Democracy," and promptly behaved as voters in other parts of the world do - they voted for a group that had a record of honest governance and got rid of a lot that had a track record of corruption and thievery. Unfortunately, the Western World didn't like the honest people because they had big hairy beards, prayed regularly and reffused to aknowledge the existence of a group of people who believed in "Civilised Torture."

And there you have it. Palestine was placed under siege because it's peolpe voted in a group of people with a record for being honest but had beards and didn't believe that the Palestinians were supposed to lie in the shit hole and allow the other people with beards to kick the crap out of them for sport.

The rest of the world actually realised there was something wrong with this. But the Americans felt that the only way to treat the beardy people the Palestians liked was to kick the shit out of the Palesinians by imposing a siege on them. As far as the Americans were concerned, the world was a nasty place that didn't understand that the beardy people with skull caps had suffered so much in their history, it was essential for them to kick the shit out of the Palestinans just for the fun of it. Even when the Saudi's thought they could get a compromise, the Americans felt they were being mean to the people with beards and skull caps and promptly made sure the Saudi efforts collapsed.

And there you have it. The Beardy people the Palestinians liked took control of the Gaza strip and the Americans were appauld. The Palestians were supposed to lie down and let the other beardy people kick the shit out of them and enjoy it - the fact that they had the gall to fight back was a sign of - well the Palestinians not knowing their place and so they had to let the other beardy people kick the crap out of them some more.

But today, for a few moments of sanity.......the people of Gaza broke free and people around them allowed them to do it. There's hope in life after all.

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