Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Met one of my oldest friends for lunch yesterday. Karen and I have known each other for 29-years, which is pretty darn scarry because...well, its a sign that both of us are getting on in life.

Anyway, she's made a dramatic career switch. She's given up working as a lawyer and has gone into the area of early childhood development. She's working and taking a diploma part time and by the end of two-years, she will be ready to set up her own school. She admits that it was big drop in her income. As a lawyer she was earning in access of four grand a month - she know earns under a grand. However, what she's lost in income, she's gained in quality of life. She has time to spend with Tilly, her adoreable 13-year old and unlike the time when she was working in the legal sector, she has time to smile.

I'm really happy for her and I think its wonderful that she's taken the curageous step to make a career switch when she was from a fairly high paying income. I don't know.....I guess most of us get so caught up trying to make a living, we slave for the almighty dollar and in the end we neglect the things that matter to us.

For me, I do like what I'm doing. I comfort myself with the fact that the late night rush jobs I've been working on have lead to the fact that next month, assuming people pay accordingly will be very, very good - probably the best I've had without Saudi Royal visits or GE payments to keep me in the style I'm accustomed to.

But am I, and others like me, missing out on the important things in life? I mean, I've always wanted to run away to a deserted island, pick up a girl or two and write books about utterly nothing on value other than self-interest. But at the back of my mind.....I'm limited by the fact that I've got to try and make enough bucks to keep body and soul together.

Long live those with the courage to live their dreams.

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