Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sure Signs that You're Being Screwed

I've often compared the difference between a steady job and free-lancing to the difference of being a wife and whore. The steady employee is like a wife. He or she is married to the institution they work for. Whether you're in the public or private sector, your life evolves around the institution you are married to.

A free-lancer on the other hand is like being a whore. You have to please a variety of institutions that pay you and you have utterly no security in your source of income. Your life depends on keeping a variety of people happy.

Each has its own pluses and minuses. Wives supposedly have the security of a loving husband but are somewhat obliged by the sexual moods of their husbands. Whores have no security in life but at least they get paid before they get fucked. A wife is more likely than a whore to enjoy old age. A whore would be lucky to reach old age. But there is one area in which whores, ooopppps free-lancers have an advantage - that is they become smarter about signs of when they're getting screwed.

Here are of list of phrases that should send alam bells ringing:

I want to/I'm doing this to HELP you. - With the exception of Mother Therresa, few people are truely alturisitic and more importantly, in the business world, people approach you for commercial rather than alturistic motives. People who tell you they are dealing with you to HELP you are usually too dishonest to admit their motives and make a pathetic effort to disguise things as altruism.

Let me be FRANK/ HONEST with you - Why do people need to declare their honesty? People who are honest are just that and don't need to declare it. The appropriate response is "you mean you weren't before?"

This is for CHARITY - what charity - the Association for Diabled Charlatons? This is usually the best way to get you to work for cheap.

Here are some phrases which you should be shot if you believed them!

I'll DOUBLE YOUR MONEY - most of us are greedy shmucks and never think through the fine print. Investments take time, money and work - qualities most of us lack! We are so desparate to not expand any of these things that we become eager to believe anyone who promises to save on any of these things. Somehow due dilligence is thrown to the wind. Nobody seems to check and analyse if the guy can really save you time, money and effort. - Most investments in the financial market yield about 10% per annum. Anything that doubles your money in a day is called a gamble.

I give x,y,z of earnings to CHARITY - unless your a listed company where you have to declare these things, you don't need to declare your good needs unless you need the world to impress people with your good deeds. There's a good reason why Christ declared that the best way to give alms was SILENTLY. Besides, most people who INVEST their money don't care about who give their money to - they're interested in how much you can make them. - Although I have nothing against NON PROFIT organisations per se, people who talk about Not for Profit usually make profits that are so obsene the tax man would be living with them if they declared them. - In one of the few incidences we can credit the British Government for being ultra clever was not falling for Richard Banson's publicity stunt that he'd run the National Lottery for Charity - in actual fact, he was taking his profits out in service charges (which were higher than the guy running the lottery for profit).

It belongs to GOD/ This is GOD's WORK. - God, as Colin Powel once said (way before he joined the Bush II Administration) should be left out of public policy. Powel should also have also mentioned that GOD is not in the REAL ESTATE and MLM. OK, I have nothing against tithing per se but why do people like to think that they have an EXCLUSIVE on the Almighty. I don't know but the older I get I notice that the people who claim EXCLSIVITY over GOD don't have it - or perhaps I've been noticing that people who ask you to GIVE MONEY FOR GOD, usually do it from SWANKY BUILDINGS that any half-wit will tell cost lots of money to maintain. People who claim that "WE ARE GOD's CHOSEN," "THIS BELONGS TO GOD," "WE ARE DOING IT FOR GOD," actually have a very poor opinion of God or an over inflated opinion of themselves. REAL MESSENGERS of GOD are exceedingly humble and uninterested in the trappings of worldly posessions or status.

Trust me, I have billions - People like to be around RICH people and nothing impresses people more than the appearance of glamour. REALLY RICH people don't need to APPEAR RICH nor do they need to DECLARE they are rich. Todate, Bill Gates flys coach. Warren Buffet continues to opperate out of Omaha, away from the glitz and glam of New York or LA. Neither needs to write books about HOW they GOT RICH. By comparison you have Donald Trump who is so BUSY telling you how to get rich......nobody seems to have noticed the banks moving in on his projects.

I KNOW x,y,z - We all know the rich and powerful. As I write this, I can claim the aquaintaince of 5 kings, 4 Presidents and 3 billionaires. Technically, I wouldn't be lying. I do know George Bush - I've seen so much of him on TV and read the litterature about him - how can I NOT KNOW him. The question that the SEEMINGLY WELL CONNECTED never want to tell you is - DO THEY KNOW ME. Technically, I do know George Bush ....but does he know me?

Other Signs to beware of

WHITE PEOPLE - I have nothing against Caucasians per se. Some of my best friends and loved ones are Caucasians. However, Caucasians are human like the rest of us and just as there are clever, kind, genuine, capable, classy Caucasians - there are an equal if not greater number of STUPID, CRUEL and DOWNRIGHT DISHONEST CAUCASIANS. - It's a fact that Asians, Arabs and Africans need to remember when they deal with CAUCASIANS.

BRANDED GOODS - Brands are basically personalities and I am in the business of promoting and building brands. However, one should be suspicious of people who need to let you know they're wearing brands. Certain things in a guys wardrobe may not necessarily look right just because they're BRANDED. Li Ka Shing for one, takes pride in the fact that he wears a cheaper watch than the reporters who interview him.

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