Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One of the Fickle Masses

Well, I've finally decided that I have no desire to be part of the elite in this country. It's far more fun being one of the masses. The thing about being part of the massess, is the fact that you have the perfect right to act as if you own the world and the rest of the world reacts to your very emotions. The elite on the other hand are supposed to act with some sort of principle and I've decided that principle's are deeply overrated.

What's happened you may ask? Nothing particularly earth shattering has happened other than the fact that after a night of expecting not to have a bean to my name, I managed to recieve my small portion of the government budget surplus. Which means, despite recent critical postings of the government's handling of the Mas Who case, I'm now an avid supporter of the government.

Of course, since I don't actually have a day wage, I can't blow it all quite yet. The thought of spending tonight in Geylang with a porclin fair China-doll and a bottle of whiskey did cross my mind but then the idea of wanting to eat a bit for lunch took precedence - there goes my planned night of debauchery.

In the mean time, the world is suffering from a rise in the price of basic food stuffs. Ah well, who gives a darn as long as I have enough to eat and there's the PAP to throw money at me once in a while.

There you have it - being part of the masses is definately more fun. Don't worry when the money runs out, I'll be back to grumbling about the government by this evening.

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