Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost out of Penuary

Am now seemingly on the road to recovery after a very dry two weeks of having zero cash coming in. Not quite sure what it was but I think the idea of easy government money came and went in a flash on being debauched on things like steak at Botak Jones and women who were obviously not my wife and let's not forget the biggest killer of all - more inflated pricing. It seems that we have now reached a state in life where the system seems to conspire to make sure you never have enough money when you need it. People take their time to pay you but the bill collectors expect their payment to be on time.

But it wasn't all bad. There's nothing like being dry on cash to make your brain scramble for ways towards basic survival and it get's you out of that most recently notorious Singaporean phrase - "Complacency." Suddenly, I spent more time doing things like walking more (which is good for the minimal excercise I do) instead of taking public transport and eating less - in fact I took quite a few of my meals at home - so less chemicals and dare I say, less money spent on doing silly things like overeating. In short, this was back to basic survival mode.

It also made me a bit more creative with trying to drum up business. Favourite 938 Live producer was working on her own and had holes to fill, so I mananaged to get quite a bit of say in deciding air time. As well as getting the usual cast of doctors and 3M promoters, there was the chance to add in a few smes. No, didn't make much money - but helped to open doors. My application for my university transcripts will be paid for by the school that plans to hire me to do some lecturing and I now have my haircuts taken care of for a year. It's going to be quite a nice change to get my hair cuts in a salon next to the Saudi Embassy and Lee Kuan Yew's house instead of from the street barber for Indian Labourers that I'm used to visiting (hey it's not like I have loads of hair - but a pretty girl rubbing your scalp beats a sweaty labourer ) Anyway, got to look for more of these little things to keep me alive in the next coming months. If the global cash crunch gets worse, I need to get my survival stuff in place.

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