Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm in Labour, I had Writers Block and I don't know what the heck is going on

It's been quite a while since I lasted posted anything on this blog. I think it had to do with something about me being a recipient of the government's generosity and spending the better part of last week with too much to drink and a series of women who were obvoiusly not my ex-wife. Before you all shake your heads at my totally debauched and senseless lifestyle, I would beg you all to remember that I am not one of the intelligensia of this nation nor am I responsible for my actions. It was the fault of the government for placing me in a position where I had cash to spare and it was Mas Selamat's guards who made me do it. And if you assume that I have responsability for whom and how I spend my government given cash, I'll sue the daylights out of you for being totally complacent.

Anyway, enough of that. I've just decided that since the Mas Selamat Affair (65 days and he's still not found), I need to declare all my evil deeds and add a warning to all readers of this blog that I am not responsible for my actions. Everyone is complacent but I on the other hand am a total innocent and I'll sue, as all good Singaporeans of any stature are prone to do, anyone who thinks I'm responsible for the bad things that happen but refuse to give me credit for the good stuff that takes place.

Seriously, I've been in somewhat of a daze, unable to do simple task like read a book I've been trying to finish and I've found myself unable to write in complete sentences other than when I'm slagging off Americans who have described George W Bush as a man of principle (wrong on both counts - a lying fag is the direct contradiction of man of principle - but then they voted him in not once but twice - makes you wonder about Americans).

While I was being a total ponce who did nothing terribly productive in seven days (I spent the better part of Saturday sleeping), a few things happened in the world. Dr Amin Kurdi ended his Ambasadorship and went back to Saudi Arabia. I will miss him and when my mind focuses I shall write an appropriate tribute to man who was my patron in so many ways. Then it was labour day, when anyone who did any labour was supposed to get a rest and yes, in the UK, the British electorate (at least in the UK, the electorate pretends to use its brain at the ballot box) showed Labour the Middle Finger, including booting out the "Red" Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London. OK, I remember everyone at university was hot for the guy because he told Tony Blair to stick it (Blair not being very popular with students after he made them pay for university facilities) but somehow he didn't appeal to me. I think of Churchil who said that "When a man who is in his twenties is a conservative, he has no heart, but when a man who is in his forties is a socialist, he has no brain." - Red Ken was well past his forties and still a socialist of the Loony Left kind.

But anyway, here in Singapore we are a little bit different. In the rest of the world the young start out as idealist and become cynical money grubbers as they realise that you need money to survive and most people are shit heads especially when you're nice to them. In Singapore are young are conservative as they swallow PAP education and then they become more liberal and kinder about the rest of humanity as they get older - a case of realising that the people in white are not much better than the crowd at Geylang.

I think I've become more sympathetic towards my fellow man as I've gotten older. As a student I tried not to mix with "Working Class Riff - Raff" and always made it a point not to look like my fellow students. Even to this day, I'm quicker to identify my Citibank Internship as the main force in my life during that time than I am my student days. Of course, it does help that Carra was the lady in my life in those days.

But somehow as I got older, went through an abusive marriage and ran around town doing odd jobs just to survive, my perspective of life has changed. Now, I have more sympathy for migrants. I identify more closely with people like prostitutes and cigarett peddlers than I do with the Yuppies in Shenton way, particularly those who have graduated. There's actually not too much difference between the groups. The Yuppies pretend to have money, have no heart and live in an imaginary world where they have a sense of entitlement. Pimps, Prostitutes and Chinese hawkers with two O-levels to their name, actually have money and more importantly have a sense of values.

The elite or at least the elite that today's elite are grooming to be the elite will be the undoing of this nation. I remember reading about this young PAP chap called Nicholas Lazarus who made some remark about how fags should not be allowed in Singapore because they can't reproduce. To be fair to my fellow Singaporeans, he got blasted all over cyberspace.

But you can't blame Nicholas for being what he is - a repressed homosexual who does not have the balls to admit to being what he is (I'm working on the theory that those who make the most anti-gay remarks and go about doing harm to fags are actually fags themselves.) The poor boy has been brought up in a world where he's been told to believe certain things and anything that contravenes his views of the world is to be condemed. He's probably got about a gazillion degrees to his name and makes more money in a month than I do in the next ten years from sitting in some government office hopping they'll invent work for him. But at least I've never had to repress my sexuality to fit someone elses image of me.

I look back to my marriage as an example of how education will be the undoing of Singapore. My ex-wife and brother-in-law are graudates. They've become fundimentalist Christians, though Andrew is probably more sane than Gina. Gina followed the advice of Fred who is so so obsessed by his version of the Bible, he and his followers forgot what it was like to be Christian. People who become fundimentalist Christians of Fred's sort are in it for an easy fix. They're people who become dissatisfied with the earthly father, they chase their heavenly father over someone elses vision. Things that Christ stands for like sacrifice, humanity and soul searching are a little bit too difficult for them to comprehend.

Needless to say Yong Koon, the egg seller never went down that path. He had too much common sense. He understood that the almighty had awarded him good things in life because he worked hard and did good deeds rather than by enrichening a charlaton who wouldn't know the bible if it thumped him in his nads. Although the man left secondary school, he was curious enough about the world around him to learn things by trying things out, failing and then getting back on his feet again.

I think if I had kids with Gina, we'd have murdered each other sooner. She would probably have tollerated a kid growing up like some snot nosed piece of crap who once proclaimed to the world that they should "Get Out of my Elite, Uncaring Face." Really, if you are the elite, you don't need to mention it.

So, there you have it. Celebrate the uneducated and those with morals for they are the people who live in the real world, work hard, are curious to learn, have comon sense and are hungry to succeed and they will ultimately keep the nation going. Despair for the elite for they lack the courage to do any of the above.

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