Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Before Lunch

Am currently trying to kill off a few moments before a lunch appointment with Balji, Mark and Peter and Joeri from In a way life has become fairly relaxed after three weeks of intensive fun of working on two of my own accounts and more importantly getting paid by two of my bigger accounts too. In this quiet moment, I'm relaxing, but getting a tad bored with life.....need to drum up some more of my bigger clients into paying mode and I've pumped a bit more money into the hi-fi business - returns have thus far been good and I hope this does become a "gold slave" that will get things on the go.

In the mean time, life continues at a rainy pace. I don't recall having this much rain before. Perhaps I'm starting to show signs of giong senile, but it's been raining tigers and wolves (if the English have cats and dogs, we in the tropics have to have something a wee bit bigger.) The nice thing about all of this is, the weather is darn good for sleeping. Somehow, when you are on the 22nd floor, the combination of a simple electric fan, the rain and sea breeze make sleeping very condusive - good for sweet dreams.

Got and accepted a friend request from a girl called Cassandra today. Pleasent surprise, I remember her as being by far and away the most attractive girl when I was still at school - I think it had something to do with the fact tha she had ultra long legs and a very pretty face. I think she must have been the cause of the school insisting that skirt lengths went only up to the knee.

Well, she's no longer the sexy vixin that I remember, she's a married mother of a cute and very adoreable baby. But she's still exceedingly attractive. Allot of it, I think has to do with getting lucky with the genetic lottery. But allot of it, I think has to do with being happy in life. She looks happy and so she looks good.

I, on the other hand, have become something of a balding, fat womanising drunk. Which is not bad when you think about it. Nobody comments on my good looks, unless they have a particular fettish for me being what I am, but I'm allowed to be exceedingly cynical in life. There are joys in being a bitter and twisted cynic, you know. I get to see the dark side in everything that humanity produces and I get to have a good laugh.

OK, I'm hungry, so allow me to contribute to an early grave, care of a heart attack and several rounds of blubber.

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