Monday, March 16, 2009

In Defense of Insanity

Those of you who have been reading my rants in the past few weeks might get the impression that I am going insane. I have perhaps been a bit rough on two groups in Singapore that seem to be sacrosanct - women and Caucasians. To say that I have issues with women and Caucasians would be vastly unfair. Some of my the best laughs I get in life come from women at their most rational (woman and rational?).  For example, I tried to explain to my favourite 43-year old that she was badly behaved a few days ago, she put on such an expression of indignation that I started laughing. Of course, I probably shouldn't because Gina, my former psychotic half used to to do the same thing. Women, where would we be without them? - Somewhere plesant I suppose? 

As for Caucasians, I have nothing against Caucasians. Some of my very best friends are Caucasians and a good porition of my family are such. I don't think my life would be the same if it were not for the two Caucasian stepfathers that blessed my life. If you've been to America or Europe, you'll realise that "White People" are in fact wonderful. For me, I admire Americans for their intrinsic kindness. I remember the way Americans in San Francisco went out of their way to help me, a stranger find my way when I was lost in Sea Cliff Avenue. 

The "White Man," has done many great things. Take a look at the English Public School System, which has breed an elite that is actually that. Contrary to popular belief, the people from Independent schools actually have the ability to get along with people from all walks of life and they really do form good friendships. Real elites behave like real people - Look at Prince Harry who tried to serve on the front line to be with his mates. Contrast that to the off spring of certain members of parliament who talk about "getting out of my uncaring elite face," to an unemployed man while they never worked a day in their lives. How do you respect such people - the only way to treat them is to "vomit" whenever you come into their presence. Prince Haz on the other hand deserves to be saluted. 

Despite the mess in the global financial system caused by Western banks, there's still plenty that we in Asia can learn from the West. I personally wish some of our precious little boys could learn a thing or two from the South Africans, Kiwis and Australians when it comes to being a man. It's perfectly fine to get a bruise or two without making it into an official complaint. On second thoughts, why stop at the boys - our girls could do with a bit of toughening up. I think I might still have been married if girls like Gina had a bit of stuffing knocked out of them on the rugby pitch.

Caucasians in Asia have been good too. I take Hans Hofer, founder and former publisher of Appa Guidebooks. Hans did not run to Caucasia to try and make a living. Instead, he actually fell in-love with Bali and took the photos himself - thus producing the first guidebook that could be called a work of art. OK, the rest of the books became part of a formula but Hans also put allot of work into creating the system. No wonder why he managed to sell the business for untold millions. When you speak to Hans, you know that you are speaking to your supperior. 

I mean compare Hans to the likes of...hummm, Roger Hamilton. Hans didn't go to Cambridge as Roger claims to have done but he actually created a real business. Then again to be fair to Roger, he actually managed to bring in allot of revenue to the coffers of Caucasia. I mean, how many of us can claim to have single handedly done so much for ones home land? I mean, if I did as much for Singapore as Roger did and does for Caucasia, I think I'd be typing this out from the Istana. 

Then again, I should stop picking on Roger. He's never done me any personal harm and so, I shall continue to observe how he plans to make more money for Caucasia. Perhaps one day I will be able to write a book about him and encourage Singaporeans to do more for the government when it comes to raising funds. Life as they say, would be very dull if you didn't have the Citizens of Caucasia comming to provide the rest of us with credibility ......I mean Singapore is filled with dubious Chinamen businesses that can afford to pay their suppliers immediately while taking credit terms from their clients and not enough credible businsess run by Citizens of Caucasia who grumble when their suppliers expect to be paid - "Shouldn't be in business with me if you can't see I haven't been paid." (They give their customers 30 days and expect their suppliers to accept another 30 days from them) 

These Chinamen busineses in Singapore are really bad for the economy. They do disgraceful things like pay their debts and honour their bills in cash. They think that the agreements they have with their suppliers and customers are different. How can this be an acceptable method of doing busineses in the modern world. It's no wonder why the Singapore government under SPRING has decided its necessary to send all these uneducated Chinamen who contribute to the economy to do their MBA....guess where?....In Schools run by Citizens of Caucasia.  

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